Economic and financial analysis is at the heart of any successful business venture. In order to determine the attractiveness of an oil or gas investment opportunity Gustavson Associates produces cash flow forecasts based on estimates of production, prices, capital and operating costs, taxes, and risk.

Reliable assistance in the evaluation of your investment opportunities

At Gustavson Associates we conduct preliminary economic assessments, project economic analyses, and economic feasibility studies to evaluate your business opportunities. We draw on our expertise in geology, engineering, and petroleum economics to provide support for raising capital and also guidance for your decision making.

We have evaluated the economics for a wide range of projects including:

  • Royalty interests and working interests in the United States, both for producing properties and for undeveloped acreage
  • Economic assessments of production sharing contracts around the world
  • Various market opportunities to monetize stranded gas in a remote international location

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What-if Gustavson’s economists consider how the economic analysis will be used to enhance your business? We craft economic models to be useful tools for decision making. The models include sensitivity analysis and graphics showing ranges of possible outcomes in order to present a complete economic evaluation of the investment opportunity.

We have extensive experience in modeling various international production sharing contracts (PSCs). We can rapidly create interactive economic models to assist in negotiations concerning PSC terms.

Our experts will conduct an economic analysis that gives you the tools you need to limit your risk and to make informed decisions about your opportunities.

To discuss how our economic modeling can assist your decision making contact Gustavson’s economists at (303) 443-2209 or