As international oil and gas consultants with over 30 years of experience, Gustavson Associates has worked with governments and agencies around the world in conducting capacity building and improving the capabilities of government agencies.

Natural resources are a vital component of economic development.  

Governments are increasingly in need of economic development that will bring the benefit of economic security and education to their workforce. Institutional strengthening of oil and gas resources and reserves enables governments to develop an energy industry to aid in a more energy independent state and the workforce to run it.

Governments have many options for promoting natural resource and infrastructure development.  Successful development often requires capacity building and institutional strengthening of government ministries, regulatory agencies, or national companies. This development provides energy stability, economic growth, and jobs.

Gustavson is qualified and experienced in large scale natural resource development planning.

Gustavson can support the resource development goals of government, agency, or organization by designing an approach to institutional strengthening, resulting in improved private sector and/or public sector development of resources.

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Our team can assist with the institutional strengthening that is necessary either to attract international development and exploration activity by the private sector, or to enable national oil and gas companies to explore and develop natural resources themselves.

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