Gustavson Associates is a leading consulting firm in the analysis of reservoirs for utilization in underground gas storage. Our team of engineers and geologists has the capability to analyze your reservoir and provide expert guidance that will reduce the risk associated with your underground gas storage project.

Gustavson’s experienced reservoir engineers, geologists, and economists will determine the underground gas storage potential of your project.

Internationally, underground gas storage has become an important standard in the oil and gas industry for both economic and environmental benefits. Underground natural gas storage stabilizes gas supply against unpredictable availability or demand. Storage also reduces flaring, instead guarding these supplies for the future demand.

Our reservoir engineers and geologists have over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry determining underground gas storage potential at a global level.. We analyze:

  • Reservoir porosity and permeability
  • Reservoir volumes
  • Communication between adjacent reservoirs
  • Input and output flow rates
  • Economics and market influences
  • Mineral rights ownership

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Our reservoir engineers, geologists, and economists use a comprehensive approach to the evaluation of underground gas storage projects. We look at each project from a technical and economic standpoint, reducing the risk of your storage project.

CO2 Sequestration

Gustavson is experienced in the permanent sequestration of CO2 in underground reservoirs.

Power plant developers and public investors are now faced with the additional challenge of capturing and storing carbon dioxide.

Gustavson has performed analysis on the suitability of reservoirs for carbon capture and storage and our capabilities include:

  • Identification of underground gas storage formations, which are suitable for carbon capture and storage
  • Detection and avoidance of harmful fault and fracture systems
  • Economic suitability analysis, including the distance to oil and gas fields and injection technology required
  • Identification and protection of groundwater aquifers
  • Quantification of the underground gas storage by-product oil  and gas reserves

Gustavson will also perform an evaluation of the mineral rights and of carbon dioxide storage credits for trading. We will conduct an economic analysis to determine if carbon capture and storage is the right approach for your project, limiting risk to your investors.

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