Gustavson Associates is a consummate upstream oil and gas consulting firm. We offer technical consulting services to a range of clients, in the oil and gas industry including banks, public and private companies, investors, and governments worldwide.

Gustavson Associates has a team of highly experienced professionals with global expertise in the oil and gas industry. 

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to provide support to our clients with accurate and cost-effective analysis; Gustavson can assist you with your oil and gas consulting needs.

Gustavson Associates consults on oil and gas projects of various size and scope, anywhere in the world. Our team is known for:

  • Breadth and depth of experience in the oil and gas industry.
  • Timely solutions, particularly for clients that need to move quickly.
  • Multi-disciplinary team of experts, from petroleum engineers and geology consultants, to appraisers and energy economists.
  • International and U.S. expertise, in major basins world-wide, both onshore and offshore.
  • Conventional and unconventional experience, including shale oil, shale gas, coalbed methane, and other resource plays.

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