Mining pre-feasibility studies and feasibility studies determine if a resource is worth developing. How do you develop the mine in a way that makes financial and economic sense? Gustavson’s mining consultants can answer these and other critical questions.

Objective and disciplined studies for good decision making.

Gustavson Associates, as a mining consulting firm, has been conducting pre-feasibility studies and mining feasibility studies for over 30 years. We help companies determine whether or not they have mineral resources worth pursuing, and if so, how to effectively extract the reserves.  

“Gustavson’s role in a project provides our clients with an unbiased independent review.”

We work closely with clients to reduce risk and uncertainty through pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. Small to mid-size exploration and mining companies use Gustavson studies for objective and disciplined mining studies. We offer a wide breadth of studies including the feasibility of moving a new prospect into production or exploring the need for additional studies on operating mines.

Gustavson often performs a comprehensive role; one in which we combine the work products of multiple sub-contractors and consultants in coherent mining industry standard studies, for use in investment decisions.

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Studies with technical, financial, and economic insight

When developing pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, Gustavson utilizes its specialists in mineral processing, cost estimation, and scheduling. We conduct a range of studies and analysis, so you receive appropriate, balanced reports that may help you make educated decisions for your operation.

Gustavson’s mining studies may include:

  • Financial analysis, such as a cash flow model, a market analysis or market value studies, to assess whether continuing the project makes financial sense.
  • Economic analysis, including economic parameters and project economics, to assess your possibilities.
  • Technical analysis to determine what quantum of mineral reserves you have and their technical characteristics.
  • Environmental analysis, such as a baseline study to understand the project starting points and environmental impact.
  • Legal analysis, ranging from permitting issues to verifying land status and mining claims.

Companies often ask Gustavson for "bankable" feasibility studies. While there is no universal standard for  a “bankable” feasibility study,  the studies we present to our clients comport with the requirements of the standard applied, are professional, thorough, verifiable, researched, examined, and timely. Our studies may help you make smarter decisions and decisions that  reduce risk.

Global experience with a range of minerals and mines

Gustavson has the right specialists for each study, including experts who likely have first-hand knowledge of your mine and region of the world.

The pre-feasibility and feasibility consultants at Gustavson have experience analyzing mineral resources on every continent. These mining professionals are familiar with underground mines, surface mines, and quarries — in some of the most remote locations.

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Examples of Gustavson’s experience with minerals include:

Precious Metals

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum Group Metals

Base Metals

  • Iron Ore
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Zinc
  • Molybdenum

Specialty Metals

  • Rare Earth Elements
  • Lithium
  • Niobium
  • Tantalum

Industrial Minerals

  • Potash
  • Aggregate (sand & gravel)

Energy Minerals

  • Coal
  • Coalbed Methane
  • Aluminum
  • Uranium

Ask about mining pre-feasibility and feasibility studies…

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