Gustavson Associates is a leading mining consulting firm providing services to the mining industry including mining engineering, geology, resource estimation, and mine design. We provide technical expertise and professional guidance to help companies realize value, fund projects, increase margins, and generate profit.

Over 30 years of experience improving mine operating margins

For over 30 years, the mining experts at Gustavson Associates have helped mining companies answer an important question:

“How can we optimize our mine to increase our investment potential and improve our profitability?”

Our geologists and mining engineers provide professional analysis, technical advice and educational services to mine exploration and development companies. Our team works closely with our client to provide guidance and support for project development.

Gustavson’s geologists and engineers have extensive global experience evaluating:

  • Base metal and precious metal deposits
  • Industrial minerals
  • Open pit and underground mines
  • Hard rock and soft rock mining
  • Solution mining

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Mining engineering services

We partner with our clients to customize solutions — from resource estimation, and mine planning, to analysis of a mine operations.

Our mine engineering services include:

  • Exploration planning: projects range from generative regional exploration programs to grass roots exploration
  • Resource estimation: global experience in resource and reserve estimation
  • Mine planning: internationally perform several hundred open pit mine plans and underground mine plans
  • Cutoff grade analysis: evaluate cutoff grades in order to maximize project performance and resource utilization
  • Mine costing: capital cost and operating cost estimation for  both U.S. and international projects
  • Environmental planning and permitting: design of mine plans utilizing “mining for closure” principles which may provide significant cost savings opportunities for operators. 
  • Economic Analysis:  economic analysis encompassing modeling of cutoff grades to tax structure using either deterministic or probabilistic methodology to prepare an accurate analysis of our client’s project

Gustavson’s mining engineers often act as an extension of a mining company team offering broad experience and a fresh point of view. We provide mining expertise to specific projects so that our client can focus on operations without hiring additional staff.  

In some instances, mining companies want to develop internal resources. For these clients, our geologists and mining engineers focus on educational services, institutional strengthening, and training.

Who partners with Gustavson’s geologists and mine engineers?

We most often work with small to mid-size mining companies including exploration and operating companies who need our guidance and support for development and operations.  

Exploration companies exploring or developing a mine need to demonstrate the potential of the project or document the project’s resources, reserves or economics. We assist exploration companies with exploration planning, asset development strategy, production facility design, production forecasts, economic models, and technical reports that our client’s frequently present to investors. We provide the technical reports to our clients who may choose to present the reports to interest potential investors for eventual project development.

Mine operators must evaluate their operations and associated mine plans in order to determine if they can be improved or optimized. Their mine operations may not be meeting forecasts due to operating cost issues, production forecasts, dilution, recovered grade, or a combination of all of these.

Gustavson Associates supports operators with a range of mine planning services and guidance. Gustavson can help an operator answer the following questions; how can we improve and what are the costs; what is the best way to improve our mine performance; can we add a piece of mining equipment to make operational changes, apply new technologies, or add a process to become more profitable? .

Explore your mine planning needs with Gustavson Associates

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