At Gustavson Associates we are a team of professionals that have over 30 years of international mining experience enabling us to conduct regional analyses, carry out international development, and successfully complete large scale tenders.

Working with host governments and other international agencies, Gustavson Associates has conducted complex tenders for mineral deposits.

Our process begins by assessing the expectations of the tendering agency as well as conducting a regional analysis. We then tailor the tender to comply with local procurement rules and international best practices.

Gustavson Associates determines the market interest and then customizes the tender to appeal to the widest possible investment audience.

Gustavson conducts tenders for International Mining Projects facilitating:

  • Project financing and investment by creating interest.
  • Creation of opportunities to develop mineral resources within a country.
  • Locating the best resources available to develop an international mining project in order to meet expectations.
  • Development of the mineral sector which may result in expanding economy and economic stabilization.
  • Specific regional infrastructure development through both public and private partnerships.

Gustavson also provides bid evaluation, negotiation, and privatization support in order to complete tender transactions.

For assistance in navigating the international mining industry, contact Gustavson Associates at (720) 407-4062 or write .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).