Gustavson understands that environmental investigation, planning and permitting issues are integral to developing any mineral deposit. The planning and permitting requirements vary from country to country and our team has the experience to guide you in this process.

An environmental plan will affect the entirety of your project from baseline studies to mine closure.

At Gustavson, it is our experience that development of a mine by using sustainable practices results in higher return for investors, limited environmental and social impact, and easier compliance with government regulations. We often refer to this process as ”mining for closure”.

Gustavson has a long term approach to mine planning

Our family of companies, including Ecology and Environment Inc. and Walsh Environmental Scientists and Engineers, LLC,  can provide a full range of services to the international mining community in the form of environmental permitting studies and environmental investigations.

Gustavson Associates family of companies performs Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA)

  • Environmental impact assessments: baseline studies by environmental specialists determine clearly what the environment needs to be returned to after the mine closure. This assessment can help answer the following questions: How do we return the environment to its original state and before we begin are any archeological surveys required?
  • Social impact assessments: determine how the mine will affect the community. Our community outreach specialists will focus on project planning and community consideration to answer these questions and keep the community informed. This assessment can help answer the following questions: Will it create jobs and develop infrastructure? Will it stimulate the local economy?

Need to prepare an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment? Contact Gustavson Associates at (720) 407-4062 or write .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).