Gustavson Associates is an international oil and gas and mining consultancy that has been in business for over thirty years.  The firm specializes in assisting a variety of clients in managing their mineral assets.  Our valued Clients include government agencies, state owned petroleum companies and private and public companies.

The firm’s experience and capabilities is well positioned for the emerging trends in the Mexican petroleum sector.  While the country’s oil reserves in the core producing areas have been well explored over the years, the interior basins in other parts of the country have received only modest interest or remain unexplored.  These interior basins contain excellent potential for future natural gas resources that are critical for the long term energy supply of the country.  Over the years, Gustavson has conducted studies of the petroleum geology of these interior basins and this knowledge and database is available to provide solutions to our Client’s requirements.

A brief description of these potential services is described below.

Institutional Strengthening / Hydrocarbon Development Consulting

Resource Assessments / Bid Promotion

Gustavson Associates has routinely provided services to international government agencies and state owned petroleum companies to assist in hydrocarbon resource management and development.  In the case of Mexico, there are several interior basins that have seen modest exploration activity or are unexplored altogether.

If not already prepared, the country would benefit from an updated resource assessment of the future, unexplored gas potential in the interior gas basins.  The resource assessment study would estimate and quantify future undeveloped natural gas potential in promising areas of the country.  These estimates could guide policy planning and promote future exploration bid rounds.

The value of these services to Mexico is to identify and rank the priority basins for development that will contribute to the overall hydrocarbon supply of Mexico.

Gustavson has provided Resource Assessments and Bid Promotion in several countries including Brazil, Peru, Cote D’ Ivoire, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

Map showing hydrocarbon basins in Mexico (click to enlarge)

Analysis of Future Development Scenarios of Natural Gas

A recent project in Bangladesh serves as an excellent analogue to assist Mexican government agencies in formulating energy policy and planning.  In Bangladesh, Gustavson assisted the Ministry of Energy in analyzing future development scenarios of natural gas resources contrasted with anticipated demand for the country.  This analysis predicted possible outcomes of future natural gas supplies from exploration and development and their implications for possible future shortfalls in meeting demand.  The predictive model was presented to Ministry officials to aid them in policy and decision making.  A similar model could be prepared for Mexican government agencies tasked with managing the long term energy supply of the country.

The value of this service is to quantify the future hydrocarbon requirements of Mexico, identify potential supply, estimate development timelines, estimate expense, analyze alternative development scenarios, and assist with generating the national plan to balance hydrocarbon needs throughout the country.


Potential for Unconventional Petroleum Development in Mexico – A Short Course

Shale Gas

Remaining conventional petroleum resources in Mexico no longer meet demands of present and future industrial and domestic needs. Ten areas within the boundaries of Mexico appear to contain significant non-associated and/or unconventional (basin-centered) natural gas. To date, these areas remain largely unexplored and investigated. Preliminary studies of the potential natural gas resources in Mexico by Gustavson Associates LLC indicate that exploration and development of gas plays in these areas may greatly supplement the dwindling gas supply and reduce the country’s dependence on imported natural gas.

A short course presented by experts at Gustavson Associates is being offered to discuss the exploration, evaluation, and economics of unconventional gas. Specific topics include identification of unconventional petroleum plays; evaluation of reservoirs based on geochemistry, petrophysics, rock mechanics, and other laboratory techniques; determination of recoverable reserves; and economic considerations of gas production in frontier areas.

The value of this service is to educate and inform decision makers on basins and unconventional development that can lead to rapid improvements to the overall hydrocarbon mix in the Mexico. 

Technical Services

Gustavson routinely provides technical services to private industry clients to assist in the management and development of hydrocarbon assets.  The work is usually in the form reserve and resource reports that quantify the hydrocarbon reserves and/or resources along with economic projections to analyze return on investment and overall profitability.  Our approach is to focus on our Client’s problem and customize solutions to meet the project objectives.  Gustavson’s technical reports have been used for bank financing, acquisition and divestiture due diligence, contract disputes, and asset development planning.

The value of this service is to provide outside third-party, unbiased analysis of hydrocarbon potential and development.  Technical services can also be employed to train counterpart Mexican staff to improve skill sets and expand capabilities.