Gustavson Associates is an international oil, gas, and mining consulting firm consisting of professional geologists, engineers, economists, and appraisers. For over 30 years, Gustavson has supported the oil, gas, and mining needs of our clients by ensuring technical competency and reducing investment risk.

An experienced team that delivers cohesive solutions

At Gustavson, our consultants can meet client needs quickly and accurately. We can cohesively develop projects across both cultural and political boundaries.

Gustavson has a diverse team of technical experts, including experienced geologists, geophysicists, engineers, environmental specialists, economists, and financial experts. Our staff members have professional experience in the oil, gas, and mining industries.

Significant geographic reach in oil, gas, and mining

Our professional team at Gustavson has over 30 years of global experience which translates to local contacts, knowledge of specific regional geology and oil, gas and mining experience. Our experts have worked in some of the most challenging and remote locations on earth.

Diverse, multi-lingual capabilities

Gustavson’s team understands the complexities of international culture and communication. We have worked on all oil, gas and mineral producing continents and as a result we understand local cultures and can translate challenging topics and have a proven successful track record of completing international projects.

Social and environmental responsibility

Gustavson recognizes the positive impact that mining initiatives, as well as oil and gas, can have on local communities. To manage the social and environmental aspects of projects, Gustavson applies The Equator Principles to help build positive outcomes for both clients and local stakeholders.

Share your needs with Gustavson Associates

To speak with a professional at Gustavson Associates, please call 303.443.2209 or write .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Affiliate Companies

Gustavson is part of the corporate family of Walsh Environmental Scientists and Engineers, and Ecology and Environment, Inc. (AMEX: EEI). These associations give Gustavson’s clients access to even greater geographic reach and services.