The natural resource consultants at Gustavson Associates will assist your organization to make better decisions and reduce risks. Whether your focus is financial, economic, or legal, turn to Gustavson’s oil, gas, and mining consultants for analysis of data and expert advice you need.

Gustavson Associates is an oil, gas, and mining consulting firm with over 30 years of extensive international experience.

Our team consists of geologists, engineers, economists, and appraisers who serve organizations and individuals around the world — including mining companies, oil and gas companies, governments, international banks and financial institutions, project financiers, stock exchanges, international law firms, and individual property owners.

Engineering and geological counsel

Gustavson provides independent engineering and geological experts who can assess the risk, return, and opportunity of a mine or hydrocarbon asset. Your reputation, financial well-being, and economic stability depends on reliable advice.

International expertise

Our international consultants have diverse experience and expertise in working on international oil and gas and mining projects around the world.  Gustavson is well positioned to work on natural resource projects in the global arena.

Custom solutions, personal attention and timely advice

Our licensed and professional geologists, engineers, economists, and appraisers can provide innovative, new solutions for complicated issues and move quickly to meet your needs.

Reliable, technical resources

A trustworthy and experienced team of oil, gas, and mining consultants, who have the right technical skills in providing solutions to your business.

Explore how Gustavson’s oil, gas, and mining consultants can help you

In the complex world of natural resources, our geologists, engineers, economists, and appraisers at Gustavson provide insightful advice in support of strategic decisions.

Affiliate Companies

Gustavson is part of the corporate family of Walsh Environmental Scientists and Engineers, and Ecology and Environment, Inc.(NASDAQ: EEI). These associations give Gustavson’s clients access to even greater geographic reach and services.

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