Gustavson’s reservoir engineers prepare independent third-party reserve and resource estimates. We will help optimize field development and operation, maximize your gas or oil recovery in an economical way, and provide valuations of producing, undeveloped, or prospective oil and gas properties.

Expert engineering advice and data for a range of clients

Gustavson Associates provides reservoir engineering services to a variety of clients, including:

  • Oil and gas companies, banks, and accounting firms that need reliable reserve estimates and production forecasts for financial reporting, loan, or investment support.
  • Small oil and gas companies that need production and/or reservoir engineering support.
  • Oil and gas companies considering buying properties and needing independent technical and economic due diligence reports.

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Reservoir engineering and reserve estimation services

Gustavson Associates offers a full range of reservoir engineering services.



Reserve or resource estimates

  • United States SEC reserve reports
  • Canadian National Instrument 51-101 reserve and resource reports
  • Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and VALMIN
  • Discounted cash flows
  • Probabilistic reserve and or resource report
  • Deterministic reserve estimates
  • Material balance analysis
  • Reservoir simulation

Reservoir characterization

  • Multidisciplinary team approach: geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, and reservoir engineers
  • Define flow units and set up numeric reservoir model for simulation studies
  • Evaluation of applicability, potential rates, and reserves of horizontal drilling

Production forecasting

  • Production decline analysis
  • Historical type curve analysis
  • Reservoir simulation
  • Gas deliverability studies

Reservoir development strategies

  • Reservoir delineation planning
  • Evaluation of applicability, potential rates and reserves of horizontal wells
  • Development planning and feasibility studies

Production design

  • Pressure transient analysis
  • Well operations support
  • Recommendations and designs for well tests or completions
  • Completion testing

Reservoir studies

  • Reservoir management study
  • Waterflood or enhanced oil recovery (EOR) feasibility study: analytical or simulation studies

Use Gustavson Associates for reservoir engineering

Extensive technical experience
The petroleum engineers at Gustavson have extensive technical experience with hydrocarbon fields and basins around the world. Collectively, our experience includes all forms of hydrocarbons, including oil, gas, shale oil and shale gas, tight sand resource plays, and coalbed methane (CBM).

Familiarity with Canadian, Australian, and U.S. reporting rules
Our reservoir engineering practice is geared toward resource and reserve reporting. Our technical reports support the Toronto Stock Exchange filings (NI 51-101), filings for the SEC in the United States as well as the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and VALMIN code reports.

A reputation for reliability
Gustavson Associates is internationally known for providing reliable petroleum engineering services to a variety of Clients.

Breadth of services
While Gustavson Associates excels at reserve and resource estimating, reservoir engineering is not the company’s only service. By offering clients additional oil and gas services, using multidisciplinary teams, it helps clients save time, money, and ensures cohesive solutions.

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