Gustavson Associates is an international oil and gas consulting firm with over 30 years of experience. We will work with you to optimize the use of your resources, mitigate against risk, and to increase the chance of a successful outcome for your project.

At Gustavson we specialize in planning for oil and gas resource development projects.

Major oil and gas companies use decision support methods for high stakes opportunities, performing careful analysis of project facility design and the capital and operating costs associated with their oil and gas project. Your company can benefit from decision support with a modest investment of time and resources. Decision support provides for clarity in opportunity and for fast and efficient project development.

Gustavson Associates will provide you with the decision support you need to advance your project.

The Gustavson team consists of geologists, engineers, appraisers, and economists. As a result we are able to provide project support that is designed with the entire scope of work in mind.

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Consideration of the range of possible outcomes enables you to mitigate against downside and to prepare for upside.

We approach decision support and project development by considering the range of decisions that are available, and the associated uncertainties. Once all decisions are accounted for, Gustavson is able to suggest optimized information gathering. This ensures that the time and money devoted to data gathering are concentrated on items that are truly necessary for decision-making and successful project execution.

These methods are useful for exploration and development, field optimization, reservoir management, oil field management, and production scheduling.  Gustavson’s proven decision support methods complement your experience, intuition, and judgment.  

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Why should I use Gustavson instead of my own team for decision support?

Gustavson decision support process can create consensus among your team.  Gustavson has successfully applied our decision support methods to advise clients on decisions that range from oil exploration and development, whether or not to acquire acreage, potential development of coalbed methane in a remote international location, to the potential construction of a gas-fired power plant.  Decision support can incorporate multiple opinions and will optimize the value from your oil and gas opportunities.

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