When fulfilling public reporting duties, completing an audit, or raising capital, our clients may need an evaluation of resources and reserves. An independent reserve evaluation may provide a foundation to develop your mine.

International banks, stock exchanges, government agencies, investment banks, and funds typically require an Independent Mineral Resources Estimate and Mineral Reserves Estimation.

Your existing resource and reserve reporting may be extremely accurate; however investors usually require a third-party assessment that meets the official standards of either the Canadian National Instrument (NI 43-101) or the Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC). Secondary studies also provide credibility and reassurance for investors.

The Canadian National Instrument requires that a Qualified Person complete these reports. Gustavson Associates is a mineral resource consulting firm with a team of professional, Qualified Persons who can conduct an official Resource Evaluation and Reserve Evaluation for your mining company under both the Candaian National Instrument and JORC.

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Gustavson is your solution for the Evaluation of Reserves or Resources

Gustavson’s professional geologists and mining engineers have broad, hands-on experience in mining operations all over the world.

In addition to their resource consulting and Reserve Evaluation projects in the United States and Canada, Gustavson has completed mining projects in Africa, Australia, Central and South America, China, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, India, and the Middle East (visit our interactive map for more information).

Gustavson’s team of professionals has wide-ranging knowledge in estimating resources for diverse commodities in all geological terrains. Our staff has provided evaluation of reserves and resources on mining properties that contain base metals, precious metals, industrial minerals, and energy minerals.

Independent estimates for resources and reserves

Our mineral resource professionals use industry-standard methods for the estimation of mineral resources and reserves. In addition, we understand and follow industry practices for resource reporting and reserve reporting (JORC, NI 43-101). This means our clients can count on technically vigorous and professionally examined resource estimates and reserve estimates.  

From time to time, companies approach Gustavson Associates looking for a “bankable document.” According to our clients, Gustavson’s professional estimations for valuation of resources or valuation of reserves have repeatedly met investing expectations. Our goal is to provide an accurate and credible assessment that may limit risk and help facilitate sound decisions.

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