Gustavson Associates has worked to support the international mining community for over 30 years. Our Mineral Project Development Support team will help customize a project development plan that may limit risk, and provide objective insight to help your mineral project succeed.

What is the next step?

Your company is highly successful. You single-handedly identified, explored, and brought a company-making reserve to a point where you need to establish yourself as a Producer and increase shareholder value. Gustavson can help you make the move to Producer, we can help create an efficient development plan, and our experienced team can help you to execute it.

Mining project construction and development is not a science.  It is not just engineering.  It is an art unto itself.

Mineral Project Development Support (MPDS) is the interface between the engineer, the construction team, and your company.  Gustavson’s MPDS staff is an extension of your authority.  Our team of geologists, engineers, economists, and appraisers provide on the ground advice when necessary and control when appropriate that can guide your project.

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Gustavson provides assistance in the form of:

  • Project management and  project oversight
  • Evaluation of bids and proposals
  • Acting as the client representative at design stage
  • Market analysis and other economic analysis
  • Production and development scheduling
  • Production facility design or  production facility assessment
  • Procurement management
  • Customized support that fulfills the requirements of your project and enhances your development plan

For a small to mid-size mining company often there is one project that is the core asset for the company.

It is usually essential that the core be developed using best practices. Gustavson has several years of best practices management that it can bring to bear and institute on your core project.  

Companies may or may not have experience with efficient and cost-effective management of the engineering and construction phases of their property,   Gustavson’s Mineral Project Development Services does. Our team can assist in developing and providing  cost saving measures to your international mining project.

The role of Mineral Project Development Support is to make you and your staff to look good. Contact Gustavson Associates at (720) 407-4062 or write .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).