Exploration geology is key to targeting your project’s exploration and development goals. Gustavson’s exploration geologists will conduct an analysis of your geological data and prepare the necessary geological model.

Exploration geologists with over 30 years of international mining experience.

Gustavson’s well-established team of exploration geologists has extensive experience developing exploration targets for our clients. By using advanced geological modeling techniques we help our clients gain an understanding of deposit geology and the mining exploration support needed to advance their project.

By understanding our client’s mining exploration goals and then assisting in preliminary investigations, Gustavson may be able to offer methods and procedures to streamline and standardize the progress of a project. This means less time between prospect generation and prospect evaluation.

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By utilizing our resources, Gustavson’s clients are able to save time and money – both valuable commodities in mining exploration.

To manage your exploration program, Gustavson provides on-the-ground expertise with seasoned exploration geologists, backed by a team of engineers, economists, and appraisers, who are knowledgeable about regional and local geology. Our team will tailor an exploration solution that will fit with the requirements of your specific project.

By supplying a tested mining exploration team we save our clients the expense of building their own mining geology team thereby efficiently accelerating exploration.

Need an Exploration Geologist with international mining experience?

Our exploration geologists will review the geologic data of your mining targets with fresh eyes. By utilizing Gustavson’s experts to provide your project with a new perspective verifying the accuracy of your findings. This review may add to investor confidence and may help reduce risk. When you need help with your mining exploration projects, Gustavson’s exploration geologists can help establish your exploration targets.

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